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Current Issue



Computer Science Mechanics



Mechanics of deformable solid materials

Dynamics and durability of machinery, devices and systems



Analytical chemistry

Inorganic Chemistry

Organic chemistry

Physical chemistry

Petro chemistry

Chemical kinetics and catalysis

Chemistry and technology of composite materials


Earth Sciences

Geophysics, geophysical methods of exploration of mineral resources



Engineering geology

Geology and exploration of oil and gas fields

Well drilling technology

Processing and exploration of oil and gas fields

Development technology of offshore resource fields


Technical Sciences

Chemical technology and engineering

Materials technology

Machines, equipment and processes

Theoretical electrical Engineering

Electrical systems and complexes

Thermal power plants (thermal unit)

The theoretical foundations of thermal installations

High Voltage Technology

Information measurement and management systems (different fields)

System analysis, management and information processing

Construction and operation of oil and gas pipelines, bases reservoirs

Solids electronics, radio-electronic components, micro and Nano electronics


Economic sciences

Types of economic activity

Area economy

World economy

Organizing and management of the entities

Published: 25.03.2022
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